Saturday, April 24, 2021

Peter Öhrnell: Paintings

Bildmuseet, Umeå University UMEA | SWEDEN

APR 24, 2021 - OCT 08, 2021

Peter Öhrnell’s motifs are at the interface between nature and culture; the zone in which the human habitat is shaped. Balancing among almost abstract colour surfaces are structures suggesting organic landscapes, architecture or fragments of interiors. Shrubs, clouds, rock folds, snow piles, cavities, bush wood, meet a house, roof, facade, deck chair. Intense, sonorous colours in steadily constructed compositions give the paintings a kinship with music. In his exhibition at Bildmuseet, Öhrnell presents new works from 2018–2020.

Contact details

Website +46.90.786.7400

Östra strandgatan 30B Umea, Sweden 903 33

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