Thursday, March 18, 2021

Jannis Varelas: Double-Blind

The Breeder Athens ATHENS | GREECE

MAR 18, 2021 - MAY 29, 2021

The Breeder is pleased to present Jannis Varelas’ new solo exhibition, Double-Blind, consisting of a new body of work– spanning painting, sculpture, works on paper, video and installation – that expands his distinctive visual language into various new registers and forms. Varelas employs a range of different media and physical scales to register a complex array of scenographies. The exhibition follows the artist’s solo presentation Anima I at the Benaki Museum, Athens and it picks up on threads that have run through his work from the beginning – the agency invested in objects and the domestic space as constructors of narrative and identity, the central place of the body and its psychogeography, a performative process of metamorphoses of the self, the collective subconscious and its repressed desires and impulses. Employing a diverse array of materials, the interwoven elements of these works further the artist’s exploration of a psychosexual and cultural anthropology of the contemporary by means of a newly expressive painterly language.


45 Iasonos Street Athens, Greece 10436

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