Monday, March 8, 2021

Gabriella Sanchez: Rough Renderings of Sharp Images

MAR 08, 2021 - APR 05, 2021

Taymour Grahne Projects is pleased to present Rough Renderings of Sharp Images, a solo exhibition by LA-based artist Gabriella Sanchez (b. 1988), opening in March 2021. In this series of works, multi-layered puzzle-like paintings mix the personal and the political. Unlike Gabriella's previous work, which focuses more on abstract portraits from archival images frequently painted over or cropped to conceal the faces of her figures, here the artist is working with images of the present. All portraits featured in this exhibition are based on current photographs of Gabriella's family and friends, all femme identifying, whose faces are purposefully left minimally abstracted.

Balancing on the limit between figuration and heightened abstraction, the faces of Gabriella's subjects are neither completely concealed or revealed. Like brightly colored butterflies that don’t hide from their predators because their colors and patterns signal they are poisonous, these dynamic women only allow the viewer to see what they mean to reveal. Faces may be clear, but the textures, hyper-edited hues and saturations of the original photographs still leave the figures in abstraction.

For these images, the ladies were instructed to wear clothes they felt comfortable in and they were purposefully photographed in natural positions of their choice. Gabriella then picked one photograph from each that reflected a classic pose seen in cartoons, religious paintings and LA chicanx culture. This remix of freedom versus classic depiction aims to abstract and un-make the stereotypical imagery of women in art and what the viewer expects or is used to seeing in traditional art history. An emerging reality is reflected by the previously objectified women in art, who now look the viewer straight in the eye in works where meaning is remixed, renegotiated, remade, and made real.


10 Portland Road London, UK W11 4LA

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