Rema Ghuloum: After Night at 5 Car Garage


OCT 24, 2020 - DEC 07, 2020

Five Car Garage, in conjunction with Edward Cella Art + Architecture is delighted to present “After Night”, an exhibition of five paintings created this year by Rema Ghuloum. In her own words:

“I haven’t found words for what I paint. I paint experiences, feelings, visions. They paint themselves. They are psychic spaces, psychological and visceral portals that convey the contrasts that are the human experience. They breathe. They are felt. They reflect emotions that tap into our collective experience. They are memories representing the past, present, and future. They reflect the feeling in your gut at 3 am, the sun at noon, and the fullest moon or that line of a song that repeats over and over like a mantra. They are everything and maybe nothing at all. They are paintings that cry and sing and laugh simultaneously." - Rema Ghuloum

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