Friday, May 22, 2020


The online art exhibition "The Pandemic of ARTvirus" of the website  proves the global power of the internet and the power of the Greek community that has its ally the website  located in the heart of Central Europe, Vienna.
Dimitris Lazarou is a teacher and radio producer of the cultural show "I efimeris tis technis - The Newspaper of Art" of the Greek radio station Hephaestus Radio on the occasion of the unprecedented condition of the pandemic, is inspired and creates on the website , shortly before the quarantine conditions, the internet art exhibition "The Pandemic of ARTvirus" in which ART acquires the characteristics of PANDEMIC, but with a positive sign.
Then, in collaboration with the Austrian, of Greek origin, Georg Gstrein, inspirer and creator of the website  and the online radio Hephaestus Radio, they present the exhibition from the heart of Central Europe, Vienna, in at least 150 countries around the world, following the vision of Georg Gstrein, the Greek and Cypriot expatriates to have a step towards all forms of culture.
Just a small click on the icon of the exhibition "The pandemic of ARTvirus" on the right side of the website  to travel to ART!
Already at least 11,000 visitors a day, from at least 150 countries on the Internet and broadcast by Hephaestus Radio, choose not only to watch Greek and World News in different languages ​​on the website , but also to visit the exhibition. " The Pandemic of ARTvirus ”, proving the importance of contemporary visual art production in Greece and Cyprus.
At least 150 contemporary artists, whose number is constantly increasing, present their works (painting, sculpture, photography, installation, video art) in the following 3 photo albums:
Finally, there is the possibility for participation of artists with ART videos in the section ARTvirus # VIDEOS - 
Participation in the exhibition is FREE !!!
Visual artists, not only from Greece, who want to participate, can contact by mail,  after they read the conceptual framework of the exhibition at the following link:
To tune in to Hephaestus radio, follow these links: (εκτός της εφαρμογής Google Chrome)
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