Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Victoria Sin

The first thing you saw in the Hayward’s excellent ‘Kiss My Genders’ show earlier this year was Victoria Sin’s face wafting on curtains as they sang gentle traditional Chinese opera. Caked in the exaggerated drag make-up that’s become their calling card, it was a breathtaking start to the show. And it’s only the tip of Sin’s art iceberg, which is made up of performances, installation and photography, all questioning ideas of gender and identity with humour, fun and a hell of a lot of panache.
Louise Benson, Deputy Editor at Elephant says: ‘Victoria Sin represents a new vanguard of artists who break beyond the confines of the art world, moving easily between London’s galleries and its queer nightlife scene.’
Find Victoria in ‘Transformer: A Rebirth of Wonder’ at 180 Strand. Sat Oct 6-Dec 8. Free.

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