Thursday, March 21, 2019

How to buy Banksy original prints online

The first rule for buying any work of art is to buy it because you love it. If you’re buying a Banksy print as an investment there’s no guarantee its value will keep rising. Loving the work to begin with ensures that any fluctuations in value will be incidental to how thrilled you are to own it.

With that in mind lets move on to the issues to consider when looking to buy a Banksy print online. The first issue you’ll come up with is scarcity – there aren’t too many Banksy originals (signed or unsigned) on the market. Sure there’s a ton of copies out there but authentic limited edition Banksy silkscreens are few and hard to find.

The best websites for buying Banksy prints
My first recommendation is to check the Lazarides Gallery. Original Banksy artwork and prints are rarely available to buy directly online at Lazarides so you’ll need to contact them for a price on available works.

While we’re in London MyArtBroker has a nice selection of Banksy limited edition prints available on their website. A few prices are listed, some prices are on application while you can make an offer for any works you’re interested in too.

From there I’d visit the Amsterdam based Lionel Gallery who stock a surprisingly wide range of Banksy prints. Again, prices aren’t listed online so you’ll have to contact them directly for individual prices.

Valuing Banksy prints
Steve Lazarides started out selling Banksy screen prints for just £25 each, prints that are now worth several thousands of pounds each. Still, even that’s small beer compared to the £375,000 Lazarides received for the Banksy painting shown below in 2014.

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