Friday, July 20, 2018

Group exhibition "Views of Memory" at the Citronne Gallery, in Poros

Reaching with a different perspective and individual interpretation of the thematic axis of memory, the artists Yannis Adamakos, Tasos Mantzavinos, Angelos Papadimitriou and Giannis Psychopedis co-exist with Costas Paniaras, through the exhibition "Faces of Memory", which takes place at the Citronne Gallery, in Poros (Beach).

This exhibition is based on the common sites of the five artists, which is the second part of the thematic "Memory". The exhibition will be inaugurated on Saturday, July 21st, at 8.30pm, and will last until September 30th, under the supervision of the Art History Dr. Tatiana Spinaris - Polalis.

The five artists complement one another in their approach. The collective exhibition, "Views of memory", creates a synthetic narrative, and at the same time an individual tour. Sometimes it places emphasis on personal experience, and history, and sometimes makes references to the subconscious.

Kostas Panarias
Yannis Adamakos
Tasos Mantzavinos
Angelos Papadimitriou
Giannis Psychopedis

Citronne Gallery: Beach - Poros, tel .: 6979 989684.

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