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Dépôt Αrt gallery is hosting the art group exhibition " Calais (Light Blue)"

Dépôt Αrt gallery (Neofitou Vamva str.5, Kolonaki, Athens) is hosting on Tuesday 19th of June (20:00 up 23:00) the art group exhibition " Calais (Light Blue)"

Duration of the exhibition: 19 June – 30 June 2018

The exhibition is curated by the art historian and assistant professor at the University of Athens Κonstantinos Vafiadis and the art historian Olga Latousaki.
Dimitris Lazarou has the responsibility for the concept, organization and communication of the exhibition.
66 contemporary visual artists present art works of painting, sculpture and photography, inspired by the Hellenistic word Κάλαϊς - Calais (turquoise gemstone) from which became the Greek word Γαλάζιος - Galazios which means Light Blue.
Having each colour its own psychological interpretation and symbolism, it should be noted that:
TIRCUAGE symbolizes introversion, rebirth, progress, humanity and resignation to limitations or oppression. It is a colour that expresses the pure heart, freshness while encouraging clear and honest communication. More generally, it is the best ally of knowledge and information as it strengthens the exploration of the mind.
LIGHT BLUE is the colour of heavenly consciousness, harmony and tranquility. It symbolizes immortality, mind, revelation, wisdom, piety, and coldness. It also represents learning and healthy emotions while it favors knowledge. It strengthens devotion, stability, generosity, faithful friendship and measured life. It has calming properties and soothes the passions.
Art historian and Assistant Professor at the University of Athens Konstantinos Vafiadis in his text, titled "Calais: Womb of the world resourceful and mournful" notes:
“CALAIS: Bright bluegreenish, goldsprouting heaven and emeraldlike sea, womb that gives perpetual birth to the wandering and passionate Greek Poet. This bluish womb moulds him into a man thrusting him towards a Sisypfian rough passage, the skycoloured gate that leads to the infinity of Life.
CALAIS: bluegreenish , wuthering coasts and emerald windsprouting rocks, is the voice that summons the artist , invokes to a gathering those who accept humbly the Truth of the artist, of the wandering man who doesn’t know “Ithaki”.
CALAIS: Coppergolden soil and lightbluish aquatic springs define the latent, darkblue future of the creator. Bluish is this path, toward fruitful fields simultaneously growing with heavenly endings. His bluish blurred gaze like a darkblue mist, turns itself to the copper gate, the exit towards the sacred places of Heaven.
Stavros Apostolou

CALAIS: bluish clouds and heavenly coloured rain now cools his soul, the world that he, created himself in absentia. Transparent golden drops, from gifts and divine presents, fall onto his light blue hands, those hands that determine the limits of the world, the limits of our thought.
CALAIS: bluish is the milk of the little handmaiden and goldentexture wheat which nourish the creator, already darkblue from the polymorphous wounds on its blue body. Nevertheless he carries a dark red and sorrow reducing auspices, as he walks protected towards his sisyphian end.
CALAIS: It is becoming bluish now the heavenly sent emblem, bluewhite is now the myrrh on the lightbearing shroud of the Poet, embroidered by the love of bluefaced angels. Blue in texture is the water in the cup. It is destined to become the golden libation to his poetic womb, to his birthplace, synonym of the artistic creation.”
The participant artists are:
Christina Pancess // Eleni Gkinosati // Evi Kirma // Hanna Schibel // Nina Aspeta // Sonke // Victor Bakker // Antonis Antzoulidis // Elena Antoniou // Maria Apostolou // Stavros Apostolou // Maria Argyrakopoulou // Eleni Sameli Varouxaki // Konstantinos Vafiadis // Konstantinos Veroutis // Ivi Gabrielides // Andreas Gabriliadis // Palida Georgoulakou // Mina Geldi // Madalena Gkinosati // Veroniki Damianidou // Dikea Despotaki // Tasos Dimos // Eva Divari // Tania Drogossi // Gerasimos Thomas // Evdokia Thomopoulou // Ioanna T. // Leonidas Kabanakis // Evita Kanellou // Katerina Karakatsani // Spyros Karabelas // Ioanna Kardiakou // Georgia Kokkini // Giorgos Kouvelis // Eleni Kyrou Tsakalou // Nadia Konstantopoulou // Katerina Mavroleon // Liza Vasilatou Merlin // Konstantina Mina // Mata Bigali // Niki Bigali // Vassiliki Bloukou// Betty Bogiatzi // Anastasia Ntonti // Eirini Pagoni // Despoina Pantazi // Sofia Papathanasi // Evdoksia Papassava // Smaragda Papoulia // Giorgos Partsinevelos // Vasilios Patas // Irene Petropoulou // Nadia Rapti // Natassa Rachovitsa // Dimitris Rimpas // Maria Roufani // Kostas Spiliotopoulos (ERIC COSPI) // Sofia Stavrou // Mary Stefanou // John Tzomakas // Maria Fili // Peggy Harami // Athina Hatzi // Katerina Chortaria // Nayia Chrysanthakopoulou
The exhibition accompanies a 32-page catalogue, distributed for FREE!
General information for the exhibition:
Curators: Konstantinos Vafiadis – Olga Latousaki

Concept - Organization - Communication: Dimitris Lazarou (
Video editor: Tasos Petsas
The instrumental composition "Love (unlimited)" which accompanies the video of the exhibition, is created by Tasos Petsas.

Translations in English: Maria Sirri

Opening: Tuesday, 19th of June| 20:00 - 23:00hrs
Duration:  19th of June  up to 30th of June
Facebook link:

Dépôt Art gallery
Neofytou Vamva str.  5
GR 106 74  Kolonaki, Athens   |    Tel: 210 3648174   | 
Opening Hours :    Tuesday to Friday: 14:00 - 20:00
                             Saturday: 11:00 - 15:00
                             Sunday & Monday closed

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