Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Gallery genesis hosts the solo exhibition of Aristidis Chrysanthopoulos “FRAGILES”

Curator: Iris Kritikou
Art direction: Yiorgos Tzaneris
Opening:  Thursday 26th of April 2018 / 20:00hrs
Duration of the exhibition: 26th of April till 19th of May 2018

Bringing to surface the delicate qualities and the fascinating applications of the fluid transparency and the challenge of the random that asserts non expected whispering worlds, Aristidis Chrysanthopoulos paints the “almost” of the landscape, the recollection of an everyday object or the human circumstances. Rejoicing the fragility of small new worlds that are born by his paintbrush, depicting silently the pacings of the void on the paper. Firing softly and transcending the innumerable possibilities, the visual and emotional calibre of a temporary artistic existence.

Penetrating into the work of Aristidis Chrysanthopoulos claiming the vision of pauses and voids and intruding into the moist places of his delicate conversation with the cracks of the everyday we could consequently comprehend the landscape of the random and the minimum, caress with our glance and mostly, the soul of the selective layers of light and darkness that transform the non-written gesture of the random in a field of secret wandering of the human existence.

The speaking Greek light and the soft and low intonations of the painter, his sensitive paintbrush that gives birth and immerses, that choose something in silence and denies wisely something else, the intrinsic, barely noticeable divergences of the textures, the fragile narration of the minimum that searches and finds and loses again and finds again the transparent thread of the narration jumping from crack to crack sometimes glittering and sometimes trembling, it is the original matter and the indelible ingredients of an exquisitely imprinted living human universe that breathes and shivers giving us deep emotions.

Outlining a populated and inner place, transporting the spectator’s vision to an almost metaphysical intensity of the silence of the night and the unbearable midday heat, Aristidis Chrysanthopoulos proves the way and the calibre of the watercolor is not always a subtle case.

It is mostly a provocative plastic mean that orchestrates and synchronizes the vision, the desire and the quick hand of the painter creating a special atmosphere and leading to delightful, for the accustomed spectator, paths of fertile confessing matter. In a prismatic field of different textures and moist moments, with vivid choreographies of the “first impression” with dense in their abstract concept, plastic values.

The unknown heroes of Aristidis Chrysanthopoulos, sometimes real and sometimes imaginary in private moments where the recollection of George Bouziani’s beloved lurks, balance lightly between the ideal and the real with the minimum but significant individual weight.

The square paper handkerchieves, in small sizes where an impeccably organized universe can fit, embrace the comforting pauses of the white void and digest the sensitive spectrum of colors that ranges from the light blue, and pale red to almond like color and the vivid turquoise and from the ripe yellow to the green of the finite time, transporting unaltered on the paper the painter’s psyche and releasing a rejoicing essence in time and space. 

Therefore the spectator’s vision coincides with that of the painter knowing beforehand that it penetrates into small but unprecedented Greek moments. In private midday rests and erotic whisperings of the night. In unmade iron beds reminding us Yannis Tsarouchis relevant paintings, in cypress like shadows and recollections made of soil. In waters and spots and dusts that mark fragile uniqueness of every image.

Iris Kritikou
April 2018

Born in Amaliada (Peloponnesus)
1996 – 2001  Bachelor Degree (5-year studies) of Fine Arts in    Aristotle University in Thessaloniki in the Department of ¨Visual and Applied Arts¨ trained by Maki Theofylaktopoulo.

Practice courses of the Department:

Set designing- professor Apostolos Vettas

Engraving– professor Xeni Sahini

Photography- professor George Katsaggelos

Participation in set designing and costume seminars–professors: Ersi Dhrini, Giannis Hatzigiannis, Haris Sepentzis, Thomas Ikonomakos, Mary Haniotaki.

In 2015 was selected as a Greek participant artist in «Castra 2015» International Biennial of watercolor, Ajdovščina – Slovenia.

His work can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad.

Currently occupied as a Fine Arts teacher in Primary and Secondary Education.

Member of Greek Chamber of Visual Arts

Member of Association of Fine Arts teachers

2018 «FRAGILES», Gallery GENESIS, Athens, Curator: Iris Kritikou
2014  «Aristeidis Chrysanthopoulos», Art Gallery Myrό, Thessaloniki
2013  «dreamemories», Art Gallery Ikastikes Anazitisis, Athens


2015  «Castra 2015» International Biennial of watercolor, Ajdovščina – Slovenia
He already participated in many group exhibitions.

Gallery Genesis.
35 HARITOS Street,
Kolonaki 10675
Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 211 7100566
Gallery Genesis Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Thursday – Friday 11:30 – 21:30
Wednesday – Saturday 11:30 – 15:30

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