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Giannis Kardasis‘ digital collage exhibition titled “Half A Person” is the 4th KROMA One-Off and is presented on Thursday March 22 at 19:00 at the Romantso Cultural Center

KROMA – International Art & Culture Platform continues its Art Project “KROMA One-Off: One Day Exhibitions“.
Giannis Kardasis‘ digital collage exhibition titled “Half A Person” is the 4th KROMA One-Off and is presented on Thursday March 22 at 19:00 at the Romantso Cultural Center.
“Everything seems absurd until we die, and then everything makes sense.”
 With this thought-phrase of the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, Giannis Kardasis lets us take a sneak peek at what inspired his exhibition “Half A Person”.
The promises we make to ourselves, the pending things, what we want but also what we need.
It’s all there. In a post-it … “do not forget to …”
“Half A Person,” as Giannis notes, “is a comment on completion and not a lack thereof. Whether you focus on one or the other though … is your choice.”
Giannis Kardasis
By reconstructing the new with the old, and by using images from many different sources, Giannis Kardasis – a writer,DJ and radio producer – exploits every stimulus and through the technique of digital collage he creates his own texts trying to make his thoughts clear every time . He believes that just as the way we hear and consume music has changed  because of the internet, the same thing has happened to images. Our eyes no longer see, because of the Information and image overload we experience, they just look.
There is no going back. But there is always the choice of what comes next. Because everything is a matter of choice.
With central themes such as time, it’s circularity, understanding and lack thereof, and with a method of presentation that refers to – and is served by – pop culture influences, he chooses his pieces and composes the exhibition in such a way as to reminisce exactly what we have to remember. Something like our personal resolutions every time the year changes.

Artist Biography
Giannis Kardasis is a graphic designer, DJ and radio producer. He has great love for cartoons, freshly printed books, magazines and Morrissey. He would like to live in a music festival. He would like to live in Barcelona or Paris but he currently lives in Athens. He would like to adopt a dog but Sotiris (his cat) does not agree. He has seen Fugges, Garbage and George Michael live (all in the same night). He believes Mark Rothko paintings, Pet Shop Boys, New Order True Faith cover, Tutto Su Mia Madre posterand Fight Club are all very important. When he grows up he wants to become a carpenter (or a plumber) and watch Almodóvar’s films without the need for subtitles
P.S.: He’s in love with Tracey Thorn. He sent her a message on-line inviting her to listen to a live broadcast that was dedicated to her. She never answered him.
During each KROMA One-Off there is a free educational program for children, based on the exhibition and its works. The children get to meet the artist and discuss with them. They learn the techniques used and have the opportunity to use their imagination, to create their own unique artwork. The training program is in collaboration with apeiron.
KROMA conducts a social awareness and solidarity program, implementing the following side actions:
In association with Shedia street magazine. There will be an accredited person selling issue #57.
In association with Diavazo gia tous allous (I read for you) nonprofit network. Volunteers will be informing the visitors about the social actions of the network. There will be printed leaflets as well, for more information.
For each KROMA One-Off event, a limited number of collectible pamphlets are printed and distributed.
Why KROMA One-Off: One Day Exhibitions?
The overwhelming majority of exhibition visitors prefer the opening day
The audience gets to meet and talk with the artist
It integrates art into everyday life
It provides for a novel way of entertainment that strengthens the relationship with culture
It is addressed to the entire family through parallel education programs
The purpose of the exhibitions is to be framed by many parallel events such as live performances,  concerts, theatrical performances, screenings, workshops  and educational programs, as well  as a  multitude of festivals and creative actions.
KROMA wishes to bring art directly to the people rather than inviting them into places especially designed for it. By enjoying art in their “hangout” spots they are able to easily meet.
General Info:
When: Thursday 22/03/2018
Exhibition Opening hours: 19:00 – 23:00
Admission: FREE
Facebook Event
Bios Romantso
Address: Anaxagora 3, Omonia, Athens
Tel: 2167003325

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