Saturday, November 4, 2017

Marc Chagall: The Modernity of Decorativeness

The Berggruen Collection (Sammlung Berggruen)  MITTE | BERLIN | GERMANY
MAY 20, 2017-MARCH 31, 2018
A one-room show at the Museum Berggruen is showing works by Marc Chagall from the Nationalgalerie’s collection. Chagall employed a principle that proved to be a groundbreaking innovation in modern art, which was also developed at the same time by such contemporary figures as Henri Matisse: the decorative image.
To mark the presentation of this collection, the photographer Ulrike Kolb (born 1965) has visited locations in which Chagall’s pictures decorate both public and private spaces: whether in the form of an art postcard in a child’s bedroom, a ceiling decorated in the style of the artist at Café Chagall in Berlin, or an original in the German President’s office in Schloss Bellevue.


Schlossstrasse 1 , Mitte - Berlin, Germany 14059

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