Wednesday, November 22, 2017

For the first time Blank Wall Gallery will host the Art group painting exhibition “Painting is poetry (creation) that is silent…”

For the first time Blank Wall Gallery, Fokionos Negri str.55, Kipseli, Athens, known for its exceptional photography exhibitions witch presents, will host in its art space from 1st till 23rd  of December the Art group painting exhibition “Painting is poetry (creation) that is silent…” -  «Την μεν ζωγραφίαν ποίησιν σιωπώσαν…» in which 43 modern Greek painters will participate. The exhibition is curated by art historians Evaggelia Kairaki and Maria Moscha Karatzoglou, whereas the responsibility for the concept, the management and the communication of the exhibition is on Dimitris Lazarou.
The title of the exhibition is an excerpt from the well-known anthology of ancient Greek lyricist Simonidis of Kea, "Painting is poetry (creation) that is silent and Poetry (creation) is painting that is speaking" – «Την μεν ζωγραφίαν ποίησιν σιωπώσαν, την δε ποίησιν ζωγραφίαν λαλούσαν» and was chosen as its theme, because for the first time Blank Wall Gallery will host in its art space an art painting exhibition. According to the ancient saying, painting is a poetry (creation) that is silent, meaning that the observer of the painting receives the message of the act based on it's own individual criteria, his personal experience and knowledge. For this reason, all the art works will be untitled, allowing the visitor to observe, draw his own conclusions and leave his feelings free without being bound from their titles.
The art historians Evaggelia Kairaki and Maria Moscha Karatzoglou note:
Mplouskou Vasiliki
“Beyond any systematic attempt to combine poetry with painting we must say that poetry is either way gushing from painting and art in general. Speech mobilizes the viewer and the audience, from spec of feelings thoughts, memories, accordance but also disagreements. As GOHETE used to say "I am determined to live in entirety, benevolence and beauty". Also in one tablet from Simonidis of Kea which has been rescued intact with its distinctive Ionian dialect: τίς γάρ αδονάς  άτερ θνατών βίος ποθεινός ή ποία τυραννίς; τάς άτερ ουδέ θεών ζηλωτός αιών (Which human life and which authority is desirable without pleasure? Without it neither God's life would be enviable). Having this in mind the work of art in conjunction with the intent to stimulate sensation and intellect, 43 artists project an imaginative artistic venue, where painting with the experience of seeing as language and expressive act is recruited to narrate - sometimes realistically others insinuatingly - to utter meanings, to release desires, to submerge into the aspects of human soul. Besides "doing is more innocent than acting ".
The visual artists who participates are:
George Androutsos // Antonis Antzoulidis // Elena Antoniou // Giannis Antonopoulos // Magda Apostolou // Maria Apostolou // Fani Vlantonopoulou // Anastasia Gkinaki // Tasos Dimos // Frini Dragatsi // Tania Drogossi // Ioanna T. // Leonidas Kampanakis // Evita Kanellou // Angela Karali // Vassilis Kontogeorgos // Panayiota Koroniou // Sofia Rose Kosmidou // Maria Ktistopoulou // Penny Konstantinou // Penny Manavi // Marikita Manolopoulou // Katerina Mavroleon // Niki Michailidou // Stavroula Michalopoulou // Vassiliki Bloukou // Anastasia Bolka // Sofia Boni // Angeliki Bobori // Fotini Othoneou // Eirini Pagoni // George Papadimitriou // Maria Pastra // Nadia Rapti // Katerina Rimpatsiou // Afrodite Sezenia // Konstantis Skantzis // Sofia Stavrou // Konstantinos Tzalalis // Yiannis Tzomakas // Kerassia Touliatou // Maria Fili // Aristidis Chrysanthopoulos
The exhibition is accompanied by a 24 pages catalogue.

Tzomakas Giannis
Opening date: Friday 1st of December,  20:00 - 23:00
Duration: 1st till  23rd of December 2017
Concept, managing and communication: Dimitris Lazarou
Curators: Evaggelia Kairaki – Maria Moscha Karatzoglou
Spots and videos editor: Tasos Petsas
The instrumental composition “Angel of mine” which accompanies exhibition’s videos and spots is from the composer Tasos Petsas.
Translation in English: Leonidas Kampanakis
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Blank Wall Gallery
Fokionos Negri str.55, Kipseli, Athens
Tel. +30 211 4052138
Mobile:  +30 694 3868 124
Exhibition’s working hours: Tuesday till Friday: 16:30 - 21:30
                                                  Saturday: 11:30 - 14:00
                                                  Sunday & Monday: CLOSED

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