Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Athens 1917. Through the eyes of the Army of the Orient

Benaki Museum  ATHENS | GREECE
SEPTEMBER 15, 2017-NOVEMBER 12, 2017
The exhibition is dedicated to the city of Athens in 1917, with rare visual material originating from the photographic service of the allied expeditionary force, which operated in the Balkans during the First World War and is known as the "Army of the Orient".
A hundred years ago, during 1917, French photographers and filmmakers of the "Army of the Orient" made numerous still or moving pictures of Athens. These are rare aspects and images of the city, forgotten or lost over the years, and this is the first time this extremely rich visual material of the city’s daily life, its monuments, its streets and corners, is displayed.
The exhibition offers a view of Athens through the eyes and the quests of these foreign soldiers. It tries to point and highlight these aspects that caught their interest and formed their basic source of inspiration.


1 Koumbari Street , Athens, Greece 106 74

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