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“80+1 years of LORCA’s absence” at At Dépôt Art Gallery

At Dépôt  Art Gallery, 5 Neophytou Vamva str. Kolonaki, in collaboration with the Institute Cervantes of Athens, under the auspices of the Spanish Embassy, an art group exhibition is opening on Friday June 9th from 8p.m until 11p.m, having as its main theme “80+1 years of LORCA’s absence” and it is dedicated to the completion 80+1 years since the death of the Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca. The exhibition is being curated by the Art Historian and Researcher of Athens University Constantine Vapheiades. The exhibition will last until Thursday June 29th 2017.
At the dawn of August 19th 1936 ex-military men, followers of Franco executed Federico Garcia Lorca, ending the short life cycle of one of the greatest poets of our century.
He, himself it had anyway stated: “I will never become a politician. I am a rebel as there isn’t a true poet who isn’t rebel.”
His tragic and premature death didn’t give him away into oblivion. His colossal work is alive. It travelled outside the borders of his country and it has never stopped being read and move people because it is true, original poetry with rhythm and musicality like pure running water.
In this exhibition 43 contemporary artists “interpret” the life, the work and the death of Federico Garcia Lorca.
Art Historian mr. Constantine Vapheiades notes:
“Inspired Greek artists hasten to pay tribute to Federico Garćia Lorca’s memory, one of the most important European dramatists and uncompromising  opponent of the literary conventions of the 20th century, eight decades after his odious assassination († 1936).
Forty masterpieces, paintings and sculptures, undertake to interpret and, at the same time, to recompose Lorca’s Vision and his faith in the revolution of feelings, which form what we realize as the truth. However, this exhibition is not a conventional veneration to the great Poet of love. It is a tribute to his unblemished and unburied body and to his adolescent spirit, which demands justification continuously. It also claims the immediacy of the inspiration and the fresh breeze of the Truth. Ultimately, it demands our existential restoration within the bounds of Right and of Love.
Obviously, the works of Art, exhibited here, agree to the demands mentioned above. These artistic essays try to look deep into Lorca’s life and action in order to reshape his beautiful spirit under the soot of the contemporary “self-referred” European culture. Many of them are artistic adaptations of Lorca’s dramatic and poetic work. Other paintings look for the point of his thought, so as to enlighten our painful reality. Finally, few of them reject not only the Poet’s absence, but also the “death” of his thought by the power of dominant today’s Speech.”
The participant artists are:
George Androutsos // Magda Apostolou // Maria Apostolou // Constantine Vapheiades // Anastasia Gkinaki // Nikos Danalis // Voula Daskalopoulou // Tassos Dimos // Eva Divari // Loukia Dragatsi // Frini Dragatsi // George Dritsas // Tania Drogossi // Ioanna T. // Angela Karalis // Michael Kevgas // Nikos Kolokithas // Maria Koliva // Sofia Rose Kosmidou // Penny Konstantinou // Christine Loukidi // Marina Maltezou // Penny Manavi // Katerina Mavroleon // Vassiliki Bloukou // Angeliki Bobori // Vaggelis Boboris // Panayiotis Nezis // Fotini Othoneou // George Papadimitriou // Sofia Papadopoulou // Nikolas Perdikaris // Alexandra Petranaki // Nadia Rapti // Natassa Rachovitsa // Konstantis Skantzis // Sofia Stavrou // Stathis Sotirchos // Nikoletta Tzanne // Kerassia Touliatou // Sylvia Fessa // Maria Fili / Aristidis Chrysanthopoulos
During this exhibition on Friday June 23rd at 8p.m Antonio Armani and Armani musical and theatre center are going to present a musical performance with highlights from Federico Garcia Lorca’s works, Lorca’s verses adapted into songs and Spanish songs, in cooperation with the actor and director Maria Katsioni.
The exhibition is accompanied by a 48 pages catalogue in Greek and Spanish which is distributed at no cost.

Curator: Constantine Vapheiades
Concept – Organization – Communication: Dimitris Lazarou
Music and radio spot edit: Tasos Petsas
Videos edit: Zois Koutroulis
Translator in English: Μάρα Συρρή
Opening date and hours: Friday June 9th, 20:00hrs – 23:00hrs
Duration: 9th up to 29th June 
Video preview:
Radio spot:
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