Saturday, December 3, 2016

Georgy Litichevsky: Hypothetical Dances

Georgy Litichevsky: Hypothetical Dances
State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece
NOVEMBER 09, 2016-FEBRUARY 12, 2017
Georgy Litichevsky (Dnepropetrovsk, 1956) is a creator who, through his artistic practice, reveals the unlimited possibilities of comics. Subversive and quirky, lively and playful, innovative and imaginative, revealing and sarcastic, his works are characterized by bright colors and flat surfaces. Both the childishness and superficial naivety, as well as the swift gestural writing intrinsic to the comics aiesthetics amalgamate with human situations and behaviors, with references to ideological and existential issues indicating the artist’s deep humanism.
Hypothetical Dances comprises a series of large scale wall-mounted art works on fabric and smaller comics on paper, old and new, where surreal scenes and their enigmatic dialogues spring from various historical incidents and express indirectly the modern ideological hysteria, social imbalance and political and cultural dysfunctions. This approach and negotiation of issues provides a surprising scenography of human civilization where Baron Munchausen, dancer Isadora Duncan, poet Sergei Giesenin, politician Anatoly Lunacharsky etc. are "dancing" with hybrid and bizarre forms in which the human element is combined with the animal one and reality with dream.
Artists on show
Georgy Litichevsky
21 Kolokotroni , Thessaloniki, Greece

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