Monday, February 29, 2016

Paula Boyd Farrington

We had the opportunity to meet the talented artist Paula Boyd Farrington. Read below the full story:
Why do you prefer to express your feelings via art? 
I love the freedom that's found in artistic expression—the colors, the lines, the textures—and being able to mix layers and moments together, each adding their own energy and emotion, until it comes together into a wholly satisfying composition. Art allows complex feelings of awe or grief or reflection-that-defies-words to move through, to be shared, to be contemplated and embraced as part of our divinely human journey.
What are you working on at the moment?     
I'm working right now on a new series of intuitive acrylic paintings, as well as a grouping of altered books that will be featured on a collaborative project. 
What is your dream project?  
I am living the dream right here, right now, with space to explore and practice in my Grand Bahama studio. I am continually inspired by subtle textures—the various patterns of bark on the trunks of different kinds of palm trees, the changing marks the tides leave in the sand, or the micro mandalas found in the center of flowers—capturing an organic essence or the contrasting bold palettes of natural tropical splendor gives me joy.  Music and dance are also great inspirations, alongside geometric shapes that spiral through everything in life … from snails to cyber-spheres!
Should art be funded?           
I'm in favor of any opportunities to champion imagination and fund more creative expression in the world.  There are so many ways to foster creativity—through business, art, design, homemaking, diplomacy, engineering—you name it. Art is an uplifting and healing force in communities. It brings people together, sparks conversations, crosses cultural divides, and puts people back into a more human rhythm, balancing out the techno-zoom pace that comes hand-in-hand with this amazing cyber-campfire we now gather around every day to share our stories. Innovative funding platforms such as Patreon and Kickstarter are encouraging new more direct ways of interacting with artists, filmmakers, musicians, performers, and writers to lend support to their work in the world.
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