Sunday, January 31, 2016

Yeowoon Kim

We met the talented artist Yeowoon Kim and we asked her about her art and her vision. Enjoy the exclusive interview of Yeowoon Kim in NewYorkio.

What are you working on at the moment?          
I am currently working on a kind of mobile work called pieces. The key idea in this work is that the pieces are shaky, moving, and incomplete; it is the outcome of my conclusion on the most humanistic gesture. I cut a complete rectangular frame into pieces, connecting them again to make an imperfect frame and then cut a single picture into pieces to be hung on fishing line, making them freely move. The title of the work is A Piece of Something. By going through the process of collecting some of the numerous pieces that comprise something, I recreate a piece again.

Where do you find inspiration?
In terms of form, I look into the old masters’ work and consider their process of thinking which led to the birth of such artworks. In doing so, my thoughts deepen and I find an answer. With regard to content, I am inspired by watching news or listening to people’s life stories, which can be credited to my particular interest in humanity. We can see the raw nature of a human (goodness, evilness, how we react to a certain situation, what kind of people are out there) in the news. On top of that, good music enriches my artistic sensibilities.

What is your dream project?     
I would like to produce work that can contribute to art presenting new thoughts and forms through profound thinking.

Is the artistic life lonely?              
It is so in my case. I feel a whole lot of different feelings for things that others normally overlook, to the extent that I cannot fall asleep. And sometimes, people around me don’t sympathize with what I think about. Feeling lonely is inevitable until you make something that others understand.
Read the Full Interview HERE.

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