Thursday, December 31, 2015

Aleksey Kazakov

"4 Lines"
Aleksey Kazakov participated recently at ArtScope Miami and we had an interview with him. Enjoy the full interview below. 
Tell us about your experience from ArtScope Miami 2015          
I was very proud to participate in Scope Miami during Miami Art Week second year in a row. It is very inspiring and encouraging to see that people appreciate your work. It makes me work more and more in order to be ready for upcoming year.Tell us about your experience from ArtScope Miami 2015            

What are you working on at the moment?          
Right now I'm working on series of pieces dedicated to the square shape "invented" by Malevich, mixing the monochrome art with Braille Alphabet glorifying village women

What is your dream project?     
Last 15 years I'm seriously interested and  involved in BIM (building Information Modeling) as the way new generations should act, so I'll be happy to participate in creation of sort of living model(blending design and reality) including all possible type of art human can generate.
"Give me more"
Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?        Don't think so. I have lovely family and kids and friends all over the globe.

What are your goals for the future, both work wise and life?       
To live full life without harming anything around by any sort of activity and learning more for the benefit of humanity

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