Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Black Rose is a film about how we understand and accept people

Through the medium of art, BLACK ROSE is a short film that makes you question the depth in which you seek to truly understand and accept people.
A black rose is someone uncommon; an outsider with hidden treasures living on the inside. More often than not, we usually disregard these types of people, ignorant of their unseen potential. We misunderstand black roses, not realizing that the genesis of our misinterpretation is the very source that attracts us to them. Nevertheless, black roses continue to blossom and develop despite their external conditions and internal struggles. You may know a black rose, or better yet, you may be one. With this artistic project, Isaiah aesthetically paints a fictional character from a well-known Disney movie to remind us to always be on the look out for the intrinsic beauty within people. In doing so, we realize how special they are and how much we're all alike.
Director / Editor: Derrick L. Guest
Twitter/IG: @urban_educated
Facebook: Derrick L. Guest
Artist: Isaiah J. Tate
Twitter:/IG: @isaiahjtate

Facebook: Isaiah J. Tate

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