Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stik’s street art sale will raise £50,000 for hospital which saved his life

Silk screen prints of a sleeping baby replicating a mural that Stik has painted at Homerton will be sold off tomorrow night, to raise £50,000 for the NHS hospital which he credits with saving his life.
The street artist, who has painted his stick-figure like characters across the globe from New York to Tokyo, spent years living on the streets before he found fame, where he sadly came under attack from thugs on more than one occasion.
“Homerton Hospital is my first port of call and when you are homeless stuff happens, I’ve been rushed to A and E more than once,” he told the Gazette.
“It’s horrible being homeless, you are very vulnerable, Homerton patched me up. Homerton is very important to me.”
Each of the 100 prints costs £500, and the money will go towards the neurological rehabilitation unit’s art room, to help rehabilitate patients with brain injuries, along with art workshops for people with dementia at the elderly care unit.

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